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An Interview with Martyn Thompson

View of the GolfCatcher Academy's seating area and bays View of the GolfCatcher Academy's seating area and bays

About Martyn

Martyn Thompson our resident PGA professional talks to us about how he started in golf and his experience coaching amateurs and young people.

“I am the professional at the GolfCatcher Academy. I’ve been a professional now for 25 years and have been in the industry for 35 years. I’ve played in the European tour and 3 major championships. I have caddied in 3 major championships. I have coached one major champion and a couple of amateur champions. I work with England golf and coach the South of England girls’ squad. I also teach the Bournemouth University we have four teams at Bournemouth University. I first became a member of a golf club at the age of 12. I was 14 when I realised golf was going to be my future. My theory with golf is let’s get the ball in the hole in the fewest number of shots and that will never change. Golf is a lot more physical than it ever was 10 years ago, it’s changed with technology and more information than we have and we are teaching indoors but we have a great facility where we are enhancing what people can do and how they practice. I do genuinely believe we can speed up their practice in this environment.”

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